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The Magic Book 1 Student´s Book with activity
The Magic Book 1 Student´s Book with activity
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EAN 9788853612243
The Magic Book is a 6-level American English course for Elementary School children Children will be caught up in an atmosphere full of imagination where they will learn English in the company of four fun-loving friends and the unforgettable magical bear, Benjy A 6-level American English course for Elementary School children by Mariagrazia Bertarini, Martha Huber, Paolo Iotti STRUCTURE OF THE TEACHING PROGRAM The Magic Book refers to a book that four children — Nick, Molly, Eddy and Jenny — find by chance Magically, Benjy the Bear comes to life from out of the book and stays with the children to guide them through the next six years of learning Each level of the course offers between 80 and 90 lessons, including evaluation; each lesson will be expected to take approximately 45 to 60 minutes PROGRESSION AND SKILLS The structure of The Magic Book 1 and 2 is similar: each unit begins with a story to introduce new words and language structures It offers an animated song, and ends with games to practise the linguistic material presented In The Magic Book 2, Benjy presents the English alphabet The Magic Book 3 and 4 maintain the original structure and playful approach of the course, but present some new elements (photographic images, grammar strips, creativity and sound corners) in line with the children’s growth and development The Magic Book 5 and 6 give the children the opportunity to reflect on what they have already learned and to elicit grammar rules The Magic Book 6 is also enriched by a number of pages on culture and civilization from English-speaking countries The sixth volume guides the children towards the competences of Level A2 in the Common European Framework of Reference (pre-intermediate level) In addition, it can be a useful tool to prepare children for English certification exams (Trinity, Cambridge) for elementary school levels
Nakladatelství Eli
Počet stran 80
Typ Knihy - paperback
Rok vydání 2009
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