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EAN 9781408883617
Karen Gregory's heartfelt, thought-provoking second novel about love against the odds is perfect for readers of Lisa Williamson, Sara Barnard and Sarah Crossan 'We watch the bird as it flies high above us, singing like it's the only thing in the world that matters And I feel it - that life can be beautiful That there are possibilities' Keep your head down and don't borrow trouble is the motto Joni lives by, and so far it's seen her family through some tough times It's not as if she has the power to change anything important anyway Like Dad's bad back, or the threat of losing their house So when Annabel breezes into her life, Joni's sure they're destined to clash Pretty, poised, privileged - the daughter of the richest family in town must have it easy But sometimes you find a matching spirit where you least expect it Sometimes love can defy difference And sometimes life asks you to be bigger and braver
Nakladatelství Bloomsbury
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 336
Typ Knihy - paperback
Rok vydání 2018
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