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Letters On Life - Rainer Maria Rilke
Letters On Life - Rainer Maria Rilke
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Modern Library
EAN 9780812969023
Gleaned from Rainer Maria Rilke s voluminous, never-before-translated correspondence, this volume offers the best writings and personal philosophy of one of the twentieth century s greatest poets The result is a profound vision of how the human drive to create and understand can guide us in every facet of life Arranged by theme from everyday existence with others to the exhilarations of love and the experience of loss, from dealing with adversity to the nature of inspiration here are Rilke s thoughts on how to infuse everyday life with beauty, wonder, and meaning Intimate, stylistically masterful, brilliantly translated and assembled, and brimming with the passion of Rilke, Letters on Life is a font of wisdom and a perfect book for all occasions Since 1917 The Modern Library prides itself as The modern Library of the world s Best Books Featuring introductions by leading writers, stunning translations, scholarly endnotes and reading group guides Production values emphasize superior quality and readability Competitive prices, coupled with exciting cover design make
Nakladatelství Modern Library
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 216
Formát 184 x 114 x 21 mm
Typ Knihy - paperback
Autor Rainer Maria Rilke
Rok vydání 2006
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