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Avon Books
EAN 9780008212247
‘Thrilling, unputdownable, a fabulous rollercoaster of a read’ B A PARIS, bestselling author of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS The number 1 bestseller is back! Your sister Her secret The betrayal There is no bond greater than blood When the body of a woman is found stabbed to death, the blame falls to her twin sister But who killed who? And which one is now the woman behind bars? Zara and Miranda have always supported each other But then Zara meets Seb, and everything changes Handsome, charismatic and dangerous, Seb threatens to tear the sisters’ lives apart but is he really the one to blame? Or are deeper resentments simmering beneath the surface that the sisters must face up to? As the sisters’ relationship is stretched to the brink, a traumatic incident in Seb’s past begins to rear its head and soon all three are locked in a psychological battle that will leave someone dead The question is, who? Claustrophobic and compelling, Amanda Robson is back in a knock-out thriller perfect for fans of BA Paris and Paula Hawkins
Nakladatelství Avon Books
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 408
Formát 198 x 129 x 28 mm
Typ Knihy - paperback
Rok vydání 2018
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