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Contemplations of Myriad World - neuveden
Contemplations of Myriad World - neuveden
Krátky popis Kvalitní a levný produkt Contemplations of Myriad World - neuveden od výrobce Desert Tree u nás najdete ve slevě od 324 Kč
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Desert Tree
EAN 9783200014268
Travel is not just touring sights but a state of mind and a way of seeing the world, bringing about a lasting change in one's own perspectives and way of life, long after the journey is over Journey through these pages of colourful travel photography from across the continents, with reflections on travel and on themes from childhood to daily life, companionship and spirituality Glimpse the different worlds that could have been yours Explore the intriguing spectrum of people that could have been you There are thousands of lives we could be leading, it is by chance and the coincidence of where we are born that we become part of one world and not another, one person and not another
Nakladatelství Desert Tree
Počet stran 160
Typ Knihy - paperback
Autor neuveden
Rok vydání 2009
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