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Clochemerle - Gabriel Chevallier
Clochemerle - Gabriel Chevallier
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Random House UK
EAN 9780099453888
Gabriel Chevallier's delightful novel Clochemerle satirizes the titanic confrontation of secular and religious forces in a small wine-growing village in Beaujolais The eruption begins when the socialist mayor decides that he wants to leave behind a monument to his administration's achievements He takes as his model the ancient Romans, who were famous for two things: hygiene and noble edifices Thus, he decides to unite the two conceptsby constructing a public urinal in the centre of town There is one problem, however The chosen locale is next to the village church, and this outrages the ecclesiastical party
Nakladatelství Random House UK
Jazyk angličtina
Počet stran 336
Formát 199 x 131 x 20 mm
Typ Knihy - paperback
Autor Gabriel Chevallier
Rok vydání 2004
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